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    new media group radio interview

    2017 Digital Arts Animation Portfolio Review

    April 25th, Tuesday 7-9pm - FEATURING TITMOUSE.NET ANIMATORS
    Alexandria Kwan and Brian Ellis for a student portfolio review.

    Please contact
    NMG Faculty Advisor Prof. Deborah Krikun for career and internship advisement. NEW MEDIA GROUP welcome all digital media enthusiasts! JOIN US - Next Fall 2017 Every Wednesday, Common Hour Technology Bldg. Tech Lounge for VIDEO GAMING COMPETITIONS - 2016-17 GAME•ON TOURNAMENTS

    Alexandria Kwan Animated Short Film

    Sympathy for Mr. Carapace from Titmouse on Vimeo.

    career day new media

    design One of the important aspects of New Media Group is to encourage creative individuals to recognize the value of networking with other people who share common interests in design and New Media. There are artists, programmers, business managers, and others who are either working in the new media field or are learning new media skills. NMG is a student organization that brings together education and business communities so that they may learn from each other's experiences and knowledge. New Media designers are often challenged by the constant flux of change in design and technologies, therefore education serves as an opportunity to retool!

    The NMG site will help serve as a portal site to gather new information such as job opportunities, design techniques to explore, resourceful links to share, and a forum to discuss the latest developments in design and technology.

    The following links are NMG's favorite links for designers. Share your favorite design links and post them on the home page at

    Here are some informative design links to bookmark for the future.

    aiga | color | myfonts | designdump | typo | webby | veer | csszen | htmldog | listamatic | alistapart | dexigner | wordle | wdl | support

    career day new media

    portfolio New Media Group encourages students and alumni to create a WORDPRESS site for still images and a VIMEO/YOUTUBE site for Flash or videos for your personalized URL electronic portfolio, even if you have yoru own custom domain URL.

    Creating a Web 2.0 portfolio site helps to archive your creative expression, helps you to network and share your skills with potential clients. NMG recommends portfolio URL titles to be your name (ex. or initials such as Posting info about: yourself, the artwork, your creative, academic or professional aspirations, what software tools used, what challenges did you encounter when creating the image, animation or video - is an excellent forum to archive a creative journal. Upload sketches, ideas, and thoughts. Encourage your friends and faculty to give feedback and share with others.

    One thumbnail example of your work will be used in the NMG slideshow demo that will link viewers to your URL.
    Become a NMG member and post your URL on the

    DIGITAL ARTS CAREER DAY business participants will be able to view portfolio websites and know your work before the day of the biennial event. All approved portfolio participants need to showcase three examples (all media accepted) to demonstrate skill and talent. Sketches are welcomed as well.

    Here are some wonderful inspiring portfolio sites that are NMG favorites.

    tokyo | donb | 2adv | entropy | ktyson | parkbench | nando | nobody | sebring | design | tips | monolab | send us your portfolio url

    career day new media

    join us by posting on the NMG Wordpress site, follow us on NMG Twitter and add us to your Facebook this will keep you informed about upcoming events, career opportunities and new developments in design and technology. Add us to your browser's toolbar today. What is going on with you and new media? Join us and stay digital using new media

    about us The New Media Group of Westchester County is a non-profit student organization affiliated with Westchester Community College, State University of New York, consisting of students, alumni, faculty, businesses, organizations, professionals and artists who are actively working with design and New Media technologies. Join us and you too will be part of our efforts to network within Westchester County, staying informed of cutting edge opportunities and developments. Designers and businesses may advertise on this site with all proceeds going to the New Media Group Scholarship Fund.

    NMG members network with Westchester County’s businesses and organizations to serve as a pool of talent and skills in design, multimedia and New Media. NMG is an advocate of New Media education and hosts this website for:

    • tracking New Media developments,
    • NMG promotional purposes,
    • hosting WCC alumni portfolio websites,
    • to promote the New Media Lecture Series where members learn new cutting edge technologies,
    • a forum for the business communities and designers/students to meet, learn, and share,
    • WCC students participate in Digital Arts Studio Tours,
    • WCC students seek possible career opportunities such as internships,
    • NMG calendar for students/alumni, other student clubs, business community events, and to coordinate NMG meetings which archives NMG minutes,
    • students to learn how to write and apply for grants to support New Media initiatives,(*new inititative - needs NMG writers)
    • banner advertisement to support the NMG Scholarship Fund and offer discounts to WCC students
    • the promotion of two biennial public events:™ Film and Animation Festival and the Digital Arts Career Day

    NMG's first Digital Arts Career Day at Westchester Community College at the Peekskill Extension was April 2004 | NMG's first public event Film and Animation Festival was at the historic Paramount Theater in Peekskill on April 20th, 2005.

    career day new media

    education Westchester Community College, Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension has graciously hosted and supported many of the New Media Group's meetings and events. Many WCC Digital Arts Certificate students become NMG members simply through participation in NMG events or staying in touch with former classmates and faculty.

    The NMG Lecture Series offers its members and the public an opportunity to meet and to stay well informed of new developments in New Media design and technologies. Any business or individual who would like to host or be a speaker on the series panel may send a resume and proposal to NMG Faculty Advisor. NMG invites the Westchester community to participate in NMG educational events.

    Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension provides credit and non-credit digital arts classes in areas of study such as graphic design, 2D/3D animation, digital filmmaking, new media (Web), motion graphics and digital music. These offerings include digital imaging, digital design, interactive design, animation, digital video editing, video production, digital audio composition and recording engineering.

    The Digital Arts Center at Peekskill hosts six post-production studios including two digital video editing studios, an electronic music studio, a recording suite, and a PC lab. Additional non-credit classes include digital arts classes for pre-college, studio arts classes for children, and a variety of New Media and studio arts classes for adults.

    Be sure to visit the Center for the Digital Arts Gallery and their upcoming events. Many former speakers and artists who have exhibited are listed on that page.

    For student advisement in the Digital Arts, contact Associate Professor Deborah Krikun and view her Digital Arts Student Advisement page in regards to Digital Arts academic and/or professional questions.

    career day new media

    technology is always changing. This was the impetus in creating the New Media Group. Designers need to learn programming and programmers need to learn design. Interactive design is a new form of expression. Artists, graphic designers, animators, storytellers, filmmakers, musicians, and educators need to understand the New Media frontier.

    The NMG Lecture Series along with this website offers its members the opportunity to discover new developments and technology buzzes that are advantageous to all.

    Subscribe to NMG Twitter and Facebook to get RSS feeds or postings about members, upcoming events, career opportunities and new developments in technology. NMG can stay in touch with its members if they contribute to the NMG Wordpress or through Twitter and Facebook.

    Join us and stay digital using New Media tools.

    Here are some informative technology links to bookmark for future references.

    gaming | design | wiki | econ | fusion | edu | nmliteracy | apple | rollup | html5 | netnews | post your favorite technology site

    career day new media

    Westchester County businesses, students, and alumni of Westchester Community College are invited to participate in the:

    Digital Arts Career Day, Friday, April 11th, 2014, hosted by the Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension and the New Media Group.

    Click to here to register!

    Local businesses of Westchester County and non-profit organizations are encouraged to participate in the review of the digital arts portfolios of WCC students and alumni.

    All portfolios need approval by the WCC's Center for the Digital Arts faculty and NMG to ensure quality and maturity of work for the business community. Your business or organization will be able to review alumni/student portfolios in the area of graphic design, illustration, web design and development, digital video, 3D/2D animation, web animation (FLASH), motion graphics, and music composition and technologies.

    Who is invited? 30 businesses from Westchester County to review 30 student portfolios for feedback, internships, and/or free-lance opportunities. If your business or organization is interested, they simply need to register online at All portfolio participants will have their bios and some examples of their work to be viewed online before the event. In the past, this event has been a great success, which is why we have limited it to 30 participants from the Westchester County business community and 30 digital arts students/alumni. The Digital Arts Career Day is a biennial event only, an invaluable day not to miss!

    WCC Students + Alumni This event is exclusive only to Westchester Community College alumni and students. Each student will be able to meet and demo their digital arts portfolio to 30 Westchester County businesses. Students will have an opportunity to network amongst WCC alumni and businesses, get feedback about their portfolio, and may be offered a possible internship and/or free-lance opportunity. Students are required to register if they would like their portfolio to be approved for submission. Please email Faculty Advisor if you are interested in participating.

    Existing students who are participating in the Digital Arts Career Day or students who are volunteers for the event will be able to participate in the Digital Arts Studio Tours. If you are interested in attending the tours, please email Faculty Advisor. Limited to 10 students only. Studio Tours will be announced shortly on the registration homepage.

    New Media Group offers its members, students and alumni of Westchester Community College and other educational institutions an opportunity to present their creative works to the public and the professional community.

    Through the Film and Animation Festival, it offers undergraduate digital filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their films in a commercial large screen theater with surround sound. The festival is a tri-state, NYC metropolitan area competition for college students and is judged by notable entertainment and media professionals.

    The other biennial event that supports the professional aspirations of WCC students/alumni is the NMG's Digital Arts Career Day. That event is exclusive to WCC students and the metropolitan area business community. Students and alumni present their portfolios to the professional community.

    NMG Studio Tours
    are also part of the Career Day as an educational experience, visiting a digital arts studio that produces design, media or game designs. To register for the NMG Studio Tours simply post your request here.

    Here are some career links that may be informative to your career goals. a good place to start and explore

    career day new media

    calendar The New Media Community Calendar is for its members and ALL who are interested in New Media arts and technology. NMG members are encouraged to post their professoinal events, career promotions, businesses can post announcements such as job or intern opportunities in Westchester County, do not forget digital arts exhibitions, new technology releases, digital arts competition deadlines, etc. If you post your event you automatically become a NMG member.

    The calendar is open to the community - post your event today! There is no PASSWORD to login - making it easy to post an upcoming event or an announcement for the year.

    Click here to view NMG members' calendar

    Here are some of NMG members' calendar events pages. If a NMG member would like their calendar page to be posted on this page please email NMG Faculty Advisor your URL. NMG would be happy to promote your New Media calendar or news page.

    CDA Events | BerlinProductions

    career day new media

    community NMG reaches out to contribute to real world projects in Westchester County's communities. The skills and talents of NMG members can assist in collaborative projects that help support a creative and learning experience for each member.

    Please contact the Faculty Advisor if your business or organization is interested in working with a group of students (3) under a credit bearing internship status. Submit a proposal that will include what is needed in digital arts skills, the budget and a timeline for deadlines. Be sure to register and attend the biennial Digital Arts Career Day to review alumni and student digital arts portfolios.

    Here are some examples that NMG members have contributed to the community:

    • Westchester Community College, Yonkers Extension Center - 3D Interior Design simulations, • Mt. Vernon Get Healthy - Intergenerational Wellness website • NMG production crew and editors contributed to WCC's 1st DVD Yearbook - NMG members help launched the first DVD college yearbook, • 60th WCC Anniversary promo won the 2nd prize documentary short film award • WCC Earthday Flash banners created on an annual basis - to help promote the colleges environmental initiatives, • Digital Arts Career Day - digital arts portfolio review day for Westchester County businesses • Film and Animation Festival - a undergraduate nyc metropolitan film and animation competition - films are premiered on the large screen at the Paramount Arts Center, Peekskill, NY

    career day new media

    membership is FREE and easy. You only need to either attend one of the biennial events, a lecture series, contribute to our Wordpress site, be a participant in one of our biennial events, or you are simply interested in following NMG, or sharing it with others, and adding your event to the New Media Community Calendar.

    sponsors and patrons NMG welcomes your support and donations. All proceeds from banner advertisements or donations are tax-deductible donations that go to the New Media Group Scholarship Fund. The scholarship pays a full two year tuition for incoming high school students enrolled in the Digitals Arts curriculum at Westchester Community College.

    Unfortunately, at this time a PAYPAL account is not possible for student organizations to receive online donations. NMG is asking for all donations or payments for banner ads to be a check payable to New Media Group Scholarship Fund and mailed to:

    Attn. New Media Group Faculty Advisor - NMG Scholarship Fund
    Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension
    27 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 10566

    Upon receipt of the payment you will be mailed a thank you letter and a tax-deductible form accepting your donation - if you prefer an email confirmation please be sure to include your name and email address with the check. If you would like to be listed on NMG's Sponsors/Patrons page, NMG will link to your business or a non-profit organization to promote, please forward the URL with the payment.

    career day new media

    your ad here New Media Group welcomes the community at large to help sponsor are scholarship fund and ongoing events.

    Members, students and alumni are eager to create a Flash banner ad for a minimal fee of $200. Half of the fee will go to the Flash designer and the other half goes to the NMG Scholarship Fund. All banners are maximum in length of 15 seconds with a pause that will last up to 1 minute in length along with a link to your business or promote a non-profit cause. Placing a banner ad on the the NMG website shows support for New Media education at WCC. NMG's advertising revenue will contribute to the scholarship.

    You will be able to meet and discuss with the students their designs and digital arts experience. Be sure to register for the upcoming biennial NMG DIGITAL ARTS CAREER DAY. Your business will benefit from the many graphic, multimedia and New Media skills that our students offer. Contributing to the banner ads that is located to the left navigational menu is one way to offer discounts, promote your business or a non-profit cause.

    To place a promotional ad, we ask stores or services to offer a 10% discount on services or products to New Media Group members ONLY. If you are interested in placing an ad or participating in the DIGITAL ARTS CAREER DAY, contact NMG Faculty Advisor

    Guidelines for FLASH banner ads: submit your custom vertical banner (150 x 300 pixels) or create a newly designed banner by a NMG member for a nominal fee, see above info. If you are a business/organization member and would like to simply donate to the New Media Group Scholarship Fund, please view the following information.

    career day new media

    scholarship for high school graduates interested in the Digital Arts at WCC's Center for the Digital Arts.

    2009 News: NMG is pleased to announce that NMG members have begun to raise funds for a New Media Group Scholarship Fund for incoming New Media students interested in the Digital Arts Certificate and/or an Associate's degree at Westchester Community College.

    The scholarship goal is to raise enough funds to cover two years of tuition fees for a Westchester County high school student who wants to study the Digital Arts at Westchester Community College. The NMG Scholarship Fund supports young adults with the necessary funds to pursue an education in learning design and New Media Technologies. A board of advisors consisting of educators and professionals will decide upon a candidate through a selective review process which includes the student's portfolio, essay submission, grades and need base.

    Unfortunately, at this time a PAYPAL account is not possible for student organizations to receive online donations. NMG is asking for all donations or payments for banner ads to be a check payable to New Media Group Scholarship Fund and mailed to:

    Attn. New Media Group Faculty Advisor - NMG Scholarship Fund
    Center for the Digital Arts at the Peekskill Extension
    27 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 10566

    Upon receipt of the payment you will be mailed a thank you letter and a tax-deductible form accepting your donation - if you prefer an email confirmation please be sure to include your name and email address with the check. If you would like to be listed on NMG's Sponsors/Patrons page, NMG will link to your business or a non-profit organization of your choice to promote, please forward the URL with the payment.

    career day new media

    speakers The "new" New Media Lecture Series is an opportunity for NMG members and the public to participate in a "live" forum of discussion with New Media artists, technicians, programmers or knowledgeable New Media professionals. The focus for discussion is the guest speakers experience or knowledge of current arts and technology developments or discoveries. Even though NMG's budget is minimal we have been most fortunate to sponsor notable speakers along with other NMG members such as WCC alumni who have promoted themselves due to their creative New Media skills.

    If you are interested in contributing to the NMG Lecture Series as a speaker or would like to be on a panel, please post your proposal for discussion on the NMG Wordpress site or email Faculty Advisor.

    Joshua Davis was one of the memorable speakers who inspired the students and blew everyones mind. We all imagined that his work was created in Illustrator. We soon learned that his creations were generated from sketch to Flash. NMG was very thankful that JD took time out to visit the WCC Center for the Digital Arts facility. Follow JD tweets his works are inspiring.

    Dylan Wood and Joe Faraci from Berlin Productions spoke to the students in regards to what experiences are needed in finding possible career opportunities. They discussed how critical it is to talk about the techniques that were used in the portfolio works. They encouraged students to express their creative process, what research was sought to inspire or how did they resolve technical difficulties. Most important is to talk about what software tools were used, what technique was used with the software tools? Follow BP Facebook announcements, some exciting new developments to explore.

    career day new media Film and Animation Festival

    New Media Group and the Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, NY helps to sponsor this biennial event for undergraduate student filmmakers from the NYC metropolitan area. The five film categories are Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Motion Graphics and Animation.

    Each film submission is between 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. Films are judged by notable film and media industry professionals. Films are presented at the historical landmark theater Paramount Center for the Arts with surround sound and a theatrical large screen with seating over 1200. The event is FREE for family and friends and there is only a $10 registration fee for a student film submission.

    For more information about digital formats, please visit and register your student film at

    For more information about our past winners visit the archive page.

    Notable judges are often difficult to find and often may have to delay their results due to their production schedule. In the past NMG was most fortunate to have judges such as Chris Wedge, Kristi Zea, Ron Kamen, Adam Brooks, Susan Todd and many more. To visit our past judges please visit the winners page.

    career day new media

    wcc graduates Here are some of the finest students at Westchester Community College. Their interests and professional goals are in many different fields of study at WCC.

    NMG members welcomes all students in many different academic departments. New Media skills are needed in most professional industries. Learning about New Media skills will always enhance your career objectives.

    Digital imaging, video editing, graphics, animation and New Media (web) are one of the leading new skills sought after for many career goals. Jobs that are in public service, security, legal, financial and other diverse industries are utilizing the many advantages of New Media technologies. So join us and explore New Media skills that are in the career of your choice.

    WCC graduates testimonials. (soon to be uploaded)

    Welcome to
    New Media Group

    Join and Participate
    in DIG.IT.ALL
    New Media Festival

    and the

    Miyuki Kumasaka
    a life long learner
    and founder of
    New Media Group
    in 2005,
    serves as
    NMG Treasurer
    Designer of interactive
    children stories.

    NMG is seeking
    students who
    are interested

    in helping with
    the DIG.IT.ALL
    Fiona Magliari
    A major in
    Visual Arts!
    who loves
    Ari Brown,
    NMG Alumni

    Graduate of
    the Digital Arts Certificate program!
    Ari is currently
    DIG.IT.ALL Events
    Jessie Scarpelli,
    NMG President

    currently enrolled
    in the Digital Arts
    Certificate program.
    Jessie is seeking
    career opportunities
    in game design.
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    here. MISC TEXT