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career day new media

Welcome to the biennial Awards page for undergraduate film + animation festival hosted by the New Media Group.

Invited participants are undergraduate students from the New York City area who are currently studying digital filmmaking.

We hope to finalize winners from the past Motion Graphics, Fiction, Documentary this Spring 2010! Unfortunately, our professional judges are very busy and hope to send the results in soon!


Animation -
Rebecca Rabinowitz and Tom Bisogno

1st Place:- Tie between Keith Stack and Katie Davis
Katie Davis’s is overall VERY GOOD
Keith Stacks’ is OUT there and Pretty Good.

2nd Place: - Adam Aftyka -Overall Good and Original
3rd Place: -Tulio Perez -Overall very good but not as original.

Experimental -
Prof. Peter Ohring, New Media Professor, SUNY Purchase College, NY

It was fun watching the videos. Here is my ranking of the top 3 with some comments:

1st Place: Pyeunghun Baik. (Conflict Resolution) This a a beautifully produced piece shot in black and white. The well thought out use of shadows, blurring, and mirroring creates a sense of harmony. The scenes are exquisitely choreographed and shot. The soundtrack is excellent but one wonders what could have been if a traditional Korean soundtrack had been used.

2nd Place: Justin Capalbo (A Study Path). A simple and short, yet compelling, piece on the ubiquitous paths we encounter in life.

3rd Place: Ben Verdeschi (Good to Sea). A music video with nice exterior imagery. The train overlay is an effective visual ; the transitions could be better.

Documentary - Frank Cantor - soon to be announced
Fiction - J. Demme expressed that he is in the mist of editing a new film. His results will come in soon!
Motion Graphics - soon to be announced!



ANIMATION: Judge: Chris Wedge, Director, Blue Sky Studios
1st: Unititled by Orion Longo
"Although it felt unfinished, it had a provocative narrative intent. Most cinematic thinking of all submissions. Sound and picture were balanced.Interesting."
2nd: A Fishing Tale by Miyuki Kumasaka
"Pleasant and competent story telling. Effort was very impressive. Could have picked the pacing up a bit and looked for more variety in shot choices. Think about where the camera can go for the most impact."
3rd: Hunters by James Battle
"Graphic style is interesting. Finish the story. Make a film about bacon and Eggs."
"Congratulations to everyone. Great effort!"

DOCUMENTARY: Susan Todd, Director - Archipelago Films
Tribute to Charles Portugues. A nice, playful feel to the film that reflects Charlespersonality
1st: Going Blank, Christine Knowlton
"This is an accomplished film. Good visualizations of the experiences of a patient and what their environment appears like to them."
2nd place winners: Reclaiming Public Space, Rebecca Pelletier
"Filmmaker seems to have great rapport with her subjects. Good emotional story."
3rd: What my Mother Wore, Anne Corey (3rd place tied with the others)
"Very sweet, intimate feel to the story. Interesting to see the mothers perspective of her own life through clothing style."
2) Hello my name is Katrina, Johanna Siragusa, "Film starts out with unique concept - POV of Katrina"
3) WCC 60th Anniversary, New Media Group
4) The Margot Fontyn Academy, Susanna Chitwood

EXPERIMENTAL: Jacqueline Shilkoff, Assistant Curator, Neuberger Museum,Purchase, New York
1st: SPECIMEN, Gene Panczenko
2nd: SNOOGENZ, Chris Gilbertog
3rd: FAYCE TO FAYCE, Sandra Henke

MOTION GRAPHICS: Ron Kamen, Creative Director, Radical Media
1st: 21 QUESTIONS, WHO?, Christine Knowlton
"Excellent job all around"
2nd: THE SOUTH SIDE, Jordan Rosenberg
"Beautifully Shot - Simple and Elegant"
3rd:POSSESSION, Denise Gorey
"Very well produced and beautifully shot. Excellent production value. Questionable story. Great craft."

LIVE ACTION: Adam Brooks, Director (Definitely, Maybe, 2008)
1st: The End, by Andreas Tarazi. By far the most assured, involving and
cinematic effort of the group.
2nd: Jimmy Morbid, by Eric Mitchell. One of the few films that had a
coherent and involving point of view, as well as a lyrical use of
cutting and sound.
3rd: Pale Rider, Tony Constantino. I didn't love it - but it was clever
in the juxtaposition of sound, the silent film look and the modern
suburban setting.
Honorable mention: - JUDE, Eric Mitchell The cutting/shooting is disjointed, most of
the acting is terrible, but there was something heartfelt and engaging going on.


New Media Group presents
Film and Animation Festival

Fiction - Judge: Kristi Zea - Director, Producer, Production Designer + Faculty @ Tisch Film School, NYU

I'm not a Cop I'm a P.R...
Paul Cwiakala

                 Bottle Rocket

Sam Jaffe       


Alex Gutterson
Every Dog Has His Day

Willemstein Sean


Eddie and the Dance
Eddie Valentino

No Place
Like Home

Mike Piccolo
Animation: Judge: Joe Summerhays - Animator and Board member of the Jacob Burns Film Center
Judge: Scott Lang - Chair of NY Chapter Siggraphs - Metro CAF Animation Film Festival

Rodrigo Jimenez  

Mike Bonifacio



Nicholas Croft 

Leave a Legacy 
Bryan Leary

No Place To Run
Ian Schneider

Portfolio Intro
Jessica Groop

Experimental Art: Judge Daniel Fuller, Director at Hudson Valley Contemporary Center of the Arts

Bits and Pieces
Jessie McLaren

Natalia Leginowicz

Bryan Clarke
Non-Fiction: DOCUMENTARY: John Borst GrandView Productions

1st Gamble Teaser
Christopher Torres


Wake Up
Samantha Ryan


That Was Dom
Christine Lungaro


L2S Skateboarding
Owen Quinn


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